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Pokemon xbox one

Pokemon' weights are always weird

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Pokemon logic!

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Go Nintendo! That is so funny! And it's even funnier since Gladion is my favorite Pokémon character. And that is literally in the collectors edition strategy guide book

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Four hours in this is how I feel about Pokemon Sun and Moon so far.

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BO2 Zombies was very fun but I can't get over the nostalgic feeling of BO1 zombies. The way it plays and how it's all much older I love it that way. P/C: ? Connect with Me: - Steam: Exvst - Xbox GT: OPG Exist - Kik: callmeexist - Twitter: opgexist - Skype: alien_921 Systems I Play: - Xbox 360 - Xbox One - PC Follow my Partners : - @elxynuh IGNORE HASHTAGS #xbox #playstation #gaming #games #gamer #minecraft #callofduty #destiny #overwatch #csgo #pokemon #pokemongo #teammystic #teamvalor…

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......the heck. HER FACE!!

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Galaxy Xerneas by bar428

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