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Polaris, the north star, sits within half a degree of the north celestial pole, this was not always so. Earth's rotational axis undergoes a slow, 26,000-year wobble, known as precession, around the perpendicular to its orbit around the Sun, as a result of which the position of the sky's rotational pole, around which all the stars seem to go, constantly changes. Around the time of the Greek poet Homer, Kochab was the north pole star. Among the best ever, however, was Thuban, which was almost…


Draco constellation Thuban was considered the pole star until about 1900 BC, when the much brighter Kochab began to approach the pole as well.


Polaris is our North Pole Star... For Now

Introducing our pole star the famous Polaris. It has been the North Pole star for several thousand years.


Thuban was the Pole Star some 5,000 years ago, when the Egyptians were building the pyramids.

Alfons Mucha(1860-1939), illustrateur, affichiste, architecte d’intérieur et décorateur tchèque. affiche, 1902


Polaris ("The North Star"): Pole Star, Cynosura, Alruccabah, Phoenice, Lodestar, Tramontana, Angel Stern, Navigatoria, Star of Arcady, Yilduz, Mismar, Dou Mu, Molizhi, Emperor Star, Purple Star, Noble Rose

Polaris is our present-day pole star, but Aldebaran reigned as a pole star some 450,000 years ago. Not only that, but, at that time, Aldebaran wasn't alone ...