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Rampant Police Misconduct

Chicago Judge Richard Posner argues that taping cops brutalizing citizens prevents the officers from "doing their job" and invades their privacy. Description from I searched for this on


Ex-Baltimore cop labeled 'rat' after police brutality claim

‘If you snitch, your career is done’: Former Baltimore cop says he was harassed, labeled a 'rat' after attempt to root out police brutality Det. Joseph Crystal witnessed a handcuffed drug suspect beaten and his ankle broken by a fellow Baltimore police officer. When he was compelled to report it to his superiors, the nightmare started. Crystal, now a police officer in Florida, is suing the department over the backlash. BY RICH SCHAPIRO NEW YORK DAILY , January 14, 2015,


It Is Time We Treat Police Brutality as a National Crisis

It Is Time We Treat Police Brutality as a National CrisisErsula Ore. Eric Garner. Jahmil-El Cuffee. Rosan Miller. Marlene Pinnock. Al Flowers. Alonzo Grant. This is just a sample of the men and women who have been savagely, and unnecessarily, beaten by police officers this summer. Garner's case, in which an NYPD officer used a chokehold to restrain the 43-year-old Staten Island father, resulted in death (On Friday a medical examiner ruled Garner's death a homicide at the hands of the NYPD).


Police Kill Black Women All The Time, Too — We Just Don't Hear About It

Protestors in New York flooded the streets last week, toting signs that blazed with images and phrases about cruel injustice. Just a week after similar events in Ferguson, a grand jury ruled that Daniel Pantaleo — the NYPD officer who put Eric Garner


Thousands of police brutality protesters rally at Mall of America

Protesting police brutality: Protesters at the Mall of America wore face masks saying, 'I can't breathe' to protest the police brutality against Eric Garner


I believe this...every single interaction that I have ever had with police (and granted, it's been two traffic incidents or in random day to day life like going to the grocery store) has been positive. I'm lucky to have had the privileges that my ethnicity and socioeconomic status brings. I will always implicitly trust police officers that I meet - and I feel safer knowing that they are around. But I can still feel disturbed by police brutality. It's allowed. To not feel anything when an…


Sgt. Brandon Ruff, an eight-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police force, filed a police brutality lawsuit against his own Department on Monday. Ruff says that he was assaulted by seven officers when he attempted to anonymously turn three handguns in to the 35th district department. In his lawsuit, Ruff said that the acts of violence “were committed willfully, wantonly, maliciously, intentionally, outrageously, deliberately and/or by conduct so egregious as to shock the conscience.”


117 Countries Slam American Police Brutality at UN Human Rights Council ~ In what could hardly be called a surprise, the UN Human Rights Council chastised the US over its epidemic of police violence, discrimination, needless killings, and general neglect, following through with recommendations made in its first review in 2010.