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It is unfortunate about what has happened to innocent citizens trying to follow a law and maintain order. However, protestors are now starting to talk about police brutality and are commenting on their force and how they treat protestors. Some of the nonviolent protestors have recently spoke up about their experiences and are trying to protest against it. I think that this would be beneficial in stopping these actions happen.

No one should have to fear leaving their homes here in America! What happened to the Land of the Free and the Brave?

Police brutality, abuse of power and misconduct are major issues of society. Anyone, anywhere, can fall victim to police brutality. The power given to police is abused every day in America. Severe injury, torture, rape, and murder are all well-known outcomes of victims to police brutality.

Marlene Pinnock survived a very brutal and public beating from California Highway Patrol Officer Daniel Andrew that was caught on cell phone video July 1, 2014 and went viral.

With the weight of the world's conscience behind outrage over the death and non-conviction, now you begin to see why there is a problem. If there is no fear of public perception, if there is no fear of repercussion in the brightest of media spotlight--what chance do individuals on dark streets have of being safe? Of having justice?