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Marlene Pinnock survived a very brutal and public beating from California Highway Patrol Officer Daniel Andrew that was caught on cell phone video July 1, 2014 and went viral.

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With the weight of the world's conscience behind outrage over the death and non-conviction, now you begin to see why there is a problem. If there is no fear of public perception, if there is no fear of repercussion in the brightest of media spotlight--what chance do individuals on dark streets have of being safe? Of having justice?

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'Just like Trayvon Martin, race mattered for Amadou Diallo, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Emmett Till, and [thousands] more we will never know the name of who died because of their skin color." ~ Angela Davis [click on this image to find a short video and analysis of racism in the criminal justice system] Source: Operation Ghetto Storm (

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Rampant Police Misconduct

Chicago Judge Richard Posner argues that taping cops brutalizing citizens prevents the officers from "doing their job" and invades their privacy. Description from I searched for this on

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Introduced right after video evidence showed a cop shooting a man in the back and fabricating evidence to suggest self defense. Who her thinks it's a coincidence?

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"Who will protect the public when the police violate the law?" [follow this link to find a bundle of videos and analyses devoted to the sociological study of crime, law, and deviance:]

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7 Times Black Male Comedians Warned Against Police Brutality Years Ago (VIDEO) |

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Police brutality has been around for decades. The advancement of technology that has made the world so much smaller in a sense is just making it easier to shine a light on such an important subject. It also gives power to the people. You don't have to just stand their if you are around in a case of police injustice. You now have a voice. It is legal to video tape police in 47 states.

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