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“Mark off” means “to ​separate an ​area by putting something around it”. Example: The police marked the crime scene off with yellow tape. Get our apps for learning English:

Black on black crime? I never hear white on white crime. I think it's just called crime. And police officers can be criminals too.


Snowman crime scene for cubicle decorating contest. Complete with evidence markers, bagged "evidence" (water), scarf, top hat, corncob pipe, police light, and crime scene tape. Make a person of interest flyer with a photo of another holiday character.


PRESS THE VISIT BUTTON FOR THE NEWS STORY Medical Examiner’s Report: Police Electrocuted Man to Death as He Screamed, “They’re Going to Kill Me”


1973, Lucchese soldier Vincent Papa, was arrested in the Bronx with $967,500 in a green suitcase destined for a 200-pound heroin buy. Papa had once served five years for selling narcotics and had a record of 26 arrests. He would later be sent to prison for selling heroin and cocaine stolen out of the New York Police evidence room


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As the gathering crowd grows I hear someone try to get my attention from behind the police line.“Mr. Beckham?” He asks just loud enough for me to hear. The boy is no younger than fifteen, and has familiar eyes. Terrified eyes. Just like the man from earlier.Not again. I sprint over, trying to be causal so he doesn’t try anything stupid. He holds up the button but his hand shakes. Unlike the old man he doesn’t break down and cry, he just stares until I meet him.


It's amazing that all this time is spent trying to slander opponents of police crime and ZERO time is spent stopping corrupt cops from harming more people OR prosecuting those who have killed already. Law enforcement ought to ALSO be anti-corruption and anti-misconduct.