Police jobs in florida

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riveting post by black police officer confronts blm with raw honesty and every american needs to see it

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Police cars around the world. ~ I'd apply for a police job in Italy, Germany or Broward County, Fl.

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Blessed Are The Peacemakers Shirts! Click The Image To Buy It Now or Tag Someone You Want To Buy This For.  #police

Blessed Are The Peacemakers Shirts! Click The Image To Buy It Now or Tag Someone You Want To Buy This For. #police

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License-Plate Readers Track Millions -- Police are building databases with millions of license-plate numbers. Readers are placed along roads or cruisers and scan plates for cars involved in crimes, but also record and store every plate they scan and put them in a database with time and location data, whether they’re involved in a crime or not. Police say the databases are useful in future investigations, but the ACLU says the data collection is overly broad.

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This is gross. So, so gross. She actually reached in her pants, removed the product and chucked it. He was just trying to do his job! Some people need to get a brain. A Florida woman is facing felony battery charges for pelting an ex-US Army police officer with her wet and used tampon. Tecora Fields, 28, was arrested in Saint Petersburg on Monday for ‘assaulting’ officer André Sousa with the feminine product. He had been trying to break up a brawl she was involved in when she screamed at him…

Nine people in South Dakota and Florida, including USD football players, are suspects in a tax fraud and identity theft cases. They allegedly stole the identities of others and filed for income tax returns. They showed about $1.1 million in refunds due. The IRS paid $500,000 before they caught that the claims were fraud.

Swimsuit police- “Smokey” Buchanan from the West Palm Beach police force, measuring the bathing suit of Betty Fringle on Palm Beach, to ensure that it conforms with regulations introduced by the beach censors. c.1925

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When a person is injured on the job, what actions to take next can become confusing. If you do not have any familiarity with state workers’ compensation laws, the process you need to follow, as well as company policy, you may be easily mislead.

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