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These Community Helpers Sorting Mats w/ Real Photos include 10 unique sorting mats that focus on identifying community helpers and objects associated with them. At an independent workstation, center or language group, students complete the following sorting mats by identifying the community helper and the things associated with him or her. For example the police officer mat includes handcuffs, a police car, a flashlight, a police hat, a police vest, etc.


New Mexico, Albuquerque. At an overpass, all traffic is blocked and drivers only see a policewoman sitting by the fence. When they've got closer, only then they see the shocking truth. It was a real drama which showed us the true police officer duties. source A policewoman was trying to convince a man not to jump off from the overpass to end his life. Several police officers were mobilized to the ...

#PRAY FOR MEN AND WOMEN IN BLUE!!... #ALLLIVESMATTER!!... This Shocking Story Reveals What The Real Police Officer Duties Are

The Policeman Song - The Workers - YouTube Policeman Ben sings about the important duties police officers do in our community. For more from The Workers, visit


I didn't choose this life. I chose him. The life was just part of the deal. Life of a police wife. Thin blue line. Support LEO. Cops. Police officer. Law enforcement. Police lives matter.


Absolutely!! IT IS NOT A JOB IT IS A CALLING...A Servant of God!


popsicle poem - Google Search More


Police Badge for Community Helpers theme. Also includes many lesson plans and crafts related to police officers.

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The 50 Safest Cities in California — 2016

11. The San Ramon Police Department understands that when citizens and law enforcement work in tandem, good things happen. From a Police Explorers program that helps educate youth about police officer duties to a Ride-a-Long Program that allows citizens to spend time patrolling the community with an officer, to a Citizen Police Academy and Station Tours, the San Ramon Police Department goes to great lengths to partner with the citizens it protects.