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Annual Report 2015

This Annual does a good job at keeping a constant theme throughout. The colors stay the same and the large red arrow helps start new sections.

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I like the "you're under arrest" and they say "but I'm the one that called you guys!" Free pass to all those that dial those three magical numbers apparently.

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LPT: After a car accident, step-by-step checklist. Getting into a car accident can be jarring and emotional, even if it’s a small fender bender. Make a checklist to help take the thinking out of what information to collect.

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Yes! This is my favorite, especially when it's some asshole being a douchenozzle. Which is a majority of the time.

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Victims are often reluctant to report a sexual assault for a number of reasons, such as fear of retaliation, shame, guilt, embarrassment, fear that they will not be believed and lack of support. ~ Corey Cook

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More than 40% of domestic violence victims are male and that number is growing. For a long time the numbers remained low because men were afraid to report the abuse. Sometime after men report to the police the men were still arrested. As more male victims become brave enough to seek help, we need to be receptive.

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I know they all have different scenarios but the US police have especially increased in unecessary violence.

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Here's how many people police have killed since the shooting of Michael Brown.

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