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Police Station Number

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Number Puzzles - Community Helper Themed

Number puzzles are a great way for students to use their creative minds to piece together a puzzle while also practicing their counting and number sequencing by making sure the numbers at the bottom of the artwork are in order. These number puzzles have community helper cartoons (fire truck, police badge, nurse, etc). Great for a math center or station in your kindergarten class. Just print, laminate, and cut into strips for students to use.


Need to practise blending in a fun, physical way? Try 'Bouncy Blending'! Lay out how ever many hoops you need for the number if sounds. Put one sound next to each hoop in order. Then ask a child to bounce into each hoop and shout the sounds. They orally blend the word as they jump out of the last hoop! #eyfs #earlyyears #earlyyearsliteracy #earlyreading #phonicgames #phonics #outside #aceearlyyears


A wonderful game that can be edited to your liking. Choose letters, sight words, number words, addition sentences or anything else you may like to add to each spot in the parking lot. Call out a word, letter, sound, or number and have the student move a toy car to that parking spot.


I like the idea of a tattle phone. The kids can "call" the tattle police to tell on someone and write down what they saw. Good use for literacy activity.


How Many Fingerprints? Have fun counting with 1:1 correspondence using your own fingerprints! This set has number and word cards from one to ten along with space to put your little one's fingerprints.


Gare du Nord Train Station, Paris - every time I go to the station it's a thrill - I love the space.