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How to Make Polish Potato Pancakes

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If I had to eat only one thing for the rest of my life, it just might be this. My grandmother could make placki like no one else, but she stopped cooking years ago. I looked far and wide for a recipe that sounded like hers. Many recipes call for large shreds of potato or didn't include onion. Finally I found something I thought my work and decided to make them on Christmas morning for my family. My grandmother said it all: "Good placki!" I'm glad I can keep the tradition alive.

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Step one: Peel, wash, and grate potatoes. Step two: In a large bowl mix well grated potatoes, eggs, f;our, and salt. Step three: Heat oil in a large nonstick pan. Pour 2 tablespoons of potato mixture and spread it slightly, you may fry approximately 3 pancakes at once. Fry on both sides on a medium heat. Step four: Serve with sour cream, sour cream and sugar, or sugar only. Smacznego!

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Nana's Potato Pancakes (Placki Kartoflane )

Placki (Polish - Potato Pancake). I've always felt that the best potato pancakes were made from grated, not mashed, potatoes. (And grated was the way my mom made them.) Nice and crunchy on the outside.

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Polish Potato Pancakes recipe from Jenny Jones ( - These potato pancakes are healthy, never greasy, and easy to make. Watch my How-To video at: #JennyJones #JennyCanCook #potatopancakes

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Polish Potato Pancakes

These Polish Potato Pancakes are amazingly delicious and require only few simple ingredients to make! |

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How to Make Polish Potato Pancakes

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Polish Potato Pancakes - Placki Ziemniaczane - Potato Latkes

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