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obaba and hillary are trying to destroy America so they can implement the new world order, PLEASE America VOTE TRUMP to get rid of the political corruption in our country and make America safe, proud, and great again!

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corruption in politics is a given now days but the fact that the majority of the american people are willing to not only put up with it but possibly vote it in is just mind boggling !

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Chicago Police Downplays Torture: Kids Make “Stupid Decisions”: Politically corrupt department withers under pressure

He will end political corruption, preserve our Constitution, freedom and way of life, support law enforcement and military, repeal failing obamacare, get jobs back, lower taxes while fixing debt crisis, destroy isis, ban abortion, mostly put God back in schools, military and our country!

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A Political Quote Written In 1957 About Corruption Of Our Society And We Are In 2016, And Corruption Is Still Going On Today! If the Progressive way is the answer, they have had 8 years at least to create their utopia. Feel like you are part of their utopia?

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24 Unknown Facts about Hillary Clinton But the Clintons are above the law, Rudy. AND.... Martha Stewart didn't give $675k to the wife of the #2 man of the FBI, Andrew MCCabe. Comey should have insisted that McCabe not be involved with the investigation.

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HEY #UniteBlue - nothing reeks more than the political corruption of @HillaryClinton's #ClintonCash. #WakeUpAmerica

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This is so true is scary. I'm not worried about ISIS I'm worried about the crazy people here.

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War is the only tool Conservatives have left. They are still fighting a culture war they started but lost years ago.

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