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What 2016 Has Taught Us

The exhausting parade of ugliness provides lessons that political leaders should heed beyond Tuesday’s elections.

Most in Europe were expecting to wake up to President-elect Hillary Clinton. But now that Trump has won, many political leaders in Germany and the EU are in no mood to celebrate -- with some exceptions.

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Lenin and Russian Political Leaders

New Products. Lenin and Russian Political Leaders is a classical  Russian political l...

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Gorbachev and other Political Leaders

New Products. Gorbachev and other Russian Political Leaders is a classical  Russian p...

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Political Leaders Rebuke Microsoft’s Mass Layoffs

Microsoft is looking to revamp and retool its Windows 8 operating system with a blend of updates that will see the code better suit the form factors that it..

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Palestinian Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal visits Gaza

The exiled political leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, is due to make his first ever visit to Gaza to mark the organisation's 25th anniversary.

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Dalai Lama to Hand Over Political Leader Role

Dalai Lama to Step Down as Tibetan Political Leader - WSJ