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Green Day - American Idiot >> >> >> >>

American Soldier- Toby Keith (tribute) My young Son James is in the Army, when ever I hear this it brings me to tears!

This will make employees work over for FREEEE!!! For the company that is! But hey mo money mo problems right?! Wth is wrong with the GOPuppets?!?! PS if that seems like a salary high enough to lose overtime to you, you may live under a rock or in a cave. Welcome to the interweb.

EL VY - Return to the Moon -- Great new track from Matt Berninger (of The National) and his new band

Perhaps he knew what a massive mistake we were eventually going to make by electing something like Trump.

The babies are asking for a re count. Can't accept the fact that the People have spoken. GROW UP!

Frontman for the multi-platinum band Disturbed, David Draiman writes songs that are personal and political. As a kid, he was drawn into fistfights over anti-Jewish remarks. As an adult, he addresses Holocaust denial and antisemitism in his song 'Never Again'. "Both of my grandparents on my mother's side are survivors of the camps".