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Media picking and choosing what they think we need to know !!!! I think this is just one of many things the media hide , they just can't do their job, report facts !!!!! Anything less than that is bias entertainment !!!!!

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I like her beauty & her acting BUT Not her politics (her speech at the Awards show was an embarrassment to women & actors---KEEP ALL POLITICS OUT OF THE AWARDS SHOWS!)

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It was before I was in high school. I think I was in 3rd grade actually. I was late to school that day cause I was watching the news.

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#CNNLies. More crisis actors, CNN has lost all credibility!

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[Video] Meryl Streep's historic speech about Trump at 2017 Golden Globe Awards when accepting Cecil B. deMille Award. January 8, 2017. (6:28)

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What a joke. The Democratic Party has finally been made transparent and they don't like it.

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Michelle Obama

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Narc 101: Belittling, Condescending and Patronizing - This kind of speech is a passive-aggressive approach to giving someone a verbal put-down while maintaining a facade of reasonableness or friendliness.

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