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Great Idea to make beads. Make log shape of same dimensions each time and cut with egg slicer to get same size for beads!

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Smoothing the Clay Surface

Start with 91% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Brush it over the sculpture to remove large scratches, fingerprints, and tool marks. Mix water with the alcohol until you have about a 1:1 ratio. Continue brushing the sculpture with this new mix until the surface is as smooth as you can get it. Use water alone to brush the surface. With much brushing you will be able to get an almost reflective polish

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Picture Tutorial on making your own sanding discs for Dremels. Great for using higher grit sandpaper on polymer clay. Simply Renee Louise.

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Remove “Clay Muck” from Your Sheets and Blends by KatersAcres. I love that she posts tutorials like this, she also has one for how to rescue and condition old, hard clay!

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