Title: Organelle 7 Medium: Steel needles, copper wire, polyvinyl acetate, wood, acrylic Size: 19 x 10,6 x 2,5in Year: 2015

Make a Bouncing Polymer Ball. Lots of fun. Easy to make with borax and glue. The polyvinyl acetate in the glue links to itself when it reacts with the borax.

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Bridget Riley - Fall Michael Compton’s account of Bridget Riley’s painting, Fall, “The eye (and the mind) is threatened with a complete breakdown in its power to control or structure what it sees. It is overwhelmed which contridictory information, much of it is created by its own mechanisms, which in less extreme conditions, serve to stabilise perception.”

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Polyvinyl acetate - Wikipedia

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Speed up your woodworking projects, improve the quality of glue connections and make your project look better with these tips for gluing wood.

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Europe Polyvinyl Acetate (PVAC) Market Report 2016

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