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22 Adorable Ideas For A DIY Deer Costume This Halloween

Search for “DIY costumes” on Pinterest, and a lot of unique ideas will come up – but so will a lot of repeated ideas. One of the most popular costumes online seems to be a deer, which I have figured out because I literally can’t search for Halloween costumes on Pinterest without seeing at least … Read More

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See the 28 Most Popular Halloween Costumes by Year in This Cool Infographic

Looking back at the most popular Halloween costumes since 1993 will make you nostalgic for the good old days and may make you cringe a little bit as well

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The Top 20 Halloween Costumes of 2014 Are Easy to DIY

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23 Most Popular Halloween Costumes

I adore these black milk mermaid leggings! It would make the perfect Ariel cosplay, or just a cute nod to being a mermaid in a casual everyday outfit. – iHeartRaves yoga pants

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