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How to make pork tamales from scratch! [ ] #food #Talavera #Mexican

Grandma Castro's Tamale Recipe I absolutely love tamales! I think I need to make some soon.


Pork Tamales

The most delicious pork tamales you will ever make! Broken down into steps with photos to make it easier.


How to make an authentic Mexican tamale recipe. A complete step-by-step recipe for authentic tamales, that famous Mexican and New Mexican food.


Traditional Tamales (Pork)

Traditional Tamales (Pork) from This tamale recipe is about as traditional as you can get, although I use a roast instead of the whole pig head that many Mexican women use. I have also used beef, but they just do not taste quite the same. These take about all day to make and are a lot of work, but they are so worth the time and the effort. Not for the faint-hearted cook for sure. They are a huge hit here in the West. For added flavor, top with either some of the red sauce used to…


Making Tamales - Step by Step I read this entire pin. I love making tamales. The only difference between this recipe and mine is that I add spices to my masa. Her recipe is the only one I have found on Pinterest that makes sense and is correct.