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One of Australia's darkest days. The Port Arthur Massacre on 28th April 1996 was a killing spree where 35 people died and 23 wounded in the Historic Port Arthur Prison Colony. 28 year old Martin Bryant pleaded guilty and is serving 35 life sentences without parole.


Port Arthur shooting massacre victim Nanette Mikac with husband Walter on their wedding day. The couple's two daughters, Alannah and Madeline, were also killed during the Port Arthur massacre.


An Australian police detective adds another firearm to a pile of illegal rifles and shotguns. After the Port Arthur massacre, the government instituted a national buy-back program, ultimately paying around $527 million in exchange for Australians handing in nearly 700,000 weapons.(Reuters)


Coincidence or Conspiracy? The Libor Scandal: a series of fraudulent actions connected to the London Interbank Offered Rate. Huge Scandal! The Libor is an average interest rate calculated through submissions of interest rates by major banks in London. Scandal arose when it was discovered that banks were falsely inflating or deflating their rates so as to profit from trades, or to give the impression that they were more creditworthy than they were. LIBOR underpins $350 TRILLION in…

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15 facts about The Port Arthur Massacre you NEED to know