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Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Our White House. I am so happy I got to see this back in 2008. Such a beautiful place.


Port au Prince - Haiti, very fortunate to spent a week in Port au Prince in 1995 visiting my then brother in law who was working there. Imagine driving along with a UN tank behind you..


Tap-tap buses waiting to get full and depart for their regular route in the downtown of Port-au-Prince.


"He who does not feel offended by the offense done to other men, he who does not feel on his cheek the burning of the bellow applied to another's cheek whatever the color, is not worthy of the name of 'man." ~~ José Marti Pic: Courtesy of @myhaititravels of a 50lbs. weight at the MUPANAH museum, used as punishment for the salves in St. Domingue to carry on their heads. Incorporated in Krèyol when we state "chay sa'a lou kon pwa 50" when we are face with a heavy burden.

'One monument in Champs de Mars stands above all others – a huge squat pyramid in raw concrete. This is the Bicentenary Monument, ordered by Aristide to celebrate 200 years of Haitian independence, but the 2004 coup meant that it was never finished.' Haiti: the Bradt Guide