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Portable Internet Service

One big issue many tiny house dwellers face is how to get fast and reliable internet service to their tiny house. Many tiny housers have somewhat alternative, location-independent jobs, and often w…

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The Drinking Dictionary: How To Sound Legit at a Cocktail Bar

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Are You Disclosing Properly?

If you're making any money via your blog or website, if you receive products or services for reviews, or if you accept sponsorships, you should read this. via @AmyLynnAndrews

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Bruce Sallan ‏@Bruce Sallan  The Evolution of the cell phone: From Bricks to Brains [Infographic] via @ibucketbot
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Portable Bluetooth Speakers, POTO Magic Mirror Portable Speaker With Virtual 3D Bright Lights and Bass Distortion-Free. MAGIC MIRROR - Ultra portable speaker delivers the sound & light. VOLUME CONTROL - Louder volume & More bass distortion-free at maximum volume; room filling sound, perfect for home, dorm room, kitchen, bathroom, car, parties; streaming music or internet radio services such as Pandora and Spotify. VARIABLE LIGHT MODEL - Light Model : LED magic light switch :...

Invoxia Smart Portable Speaker with Amazon Alexa, Grey. Triby features voice control with Amazon Alexa and is a smart portable speaker, Internet radio, hands-free speakerphone, and connected message board all rolled into one!. Use the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, get the news, set alarms,control smart home devices, and more using just your voice. Just say the wake word "Alexa" and Triby responds instantly. Preset Internet radio stations and Spotify playlists for...

Triby - Smart portable speaker with built-in Alexa Voice Service, Blue. Bluetooth and WIFI speaker. Alexa voice service to play music, provide information, get the news, set alarms, control smart home. Spotify connect. preset button for internet radios. displays temperature, humid, alarms, messages and more.

Tivoli Audio Music System Three Portable Hi-Fi System (Black). The ability to play audio via AM, FM, and Bluetooth is all you need. Wirelessly connect the Music System Three to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other Bluetooth device and you will enjoy all your music from your favorite apps such as Spotify, iTunes, Tivoli Internet App or any other music service you use. Listening to your favorite radio station via AM or FM is just as simple. When tuning the Music System Three it will...