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ArtStation - Jjahawa , Roma Kupriyanov

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Hideaway...of many a 'Wizards Portal'...perhaps? (i have this framed in my home...and I must say, it is beautiful.)

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I have no intention of ever really getting married, but if I did, I want it to end up like this. :)

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A leather hat made for a Portamancer- a wizard specializing in the magic of portals, doors, and extradimensonal spaces. One of the tooled doors is actually functional, and opens with a brass ...

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American Quilter's Society - Shows & Contests: Knoxville Expo - AQS Quilt Shows and Contests, Quilting Memberships

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Part of Joren's backstory is that he was just an academic at Magus Keep, but encountered another student summoning something she couldn't control. He tricked the spirit into his body, then used his tattoo spell to create a binding. This trapped the spirit, but left him permanently possessed. He now deals with the spirit to get more knowledge/help, in return for more freedom for the spirit. the summoning by ~sharnatonkin on deviantART

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