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While often considered charming, one-room abodes, studio apartments tend to be rather compact. When you have limited space, every decorating decision has a major impact. However, just because your apartment only has one room, doesn't mean your decor can't turn it into the home of your dreams. Decorating your tiny studio apartment doesn't have to solely focus on functionality, and there are many design tricks to maximize your space's potential. Use Size Enhancing Tricks If you're worried your guests will feel claustrophobic when visiting, there are many tricks to make a small room look larger. Try some of these nifty design illusions to give your place the appearance of being bigger than it actually is. One Room or Multiple Rooms When decorating a studio apartment, first decide whether you want the room to appear as one cohesive room or you prefer to delineate separate areas for an appearance of multiple rooms. It's often difficult to define separate areas. Although backing up your sofa to the foot of your bed can draw attention to the living area, it can also make it seem too much like one room. An easy, classic trick to create separate space is using a bookcase...