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Portmanteaur: Enter up to five words to be combined. Create unique name for your website, brand, product and etc.

WerdMerge - A Portmanteau Generator With Phonemes

WerdMerge - A Portmanteau Generator With Phonemes | Digital Delights for Learners

Climate Change May Create Infertile Hybrid Animals

While these hybrids may look cute and generate witty portmanteau names � the polar bear-grizzly combo has been dubbed a �pizzly� � interbreeding can spell disaster for species and the ecosystems they are part of.


portmanteau | Live the city, generate culture! Guest House Portmanteau in Turin - great place to stay with an inspiring interior #Guest #House # Turin # Portmanteau

HOLHO - Smartphone Hologram Generator

HOLHO. It's like a portmanteau of Holla! and Jai Ho! And the contraption is an Italian design, so we've got some real cultural diversity going on here in the world of holograms. A pyramid-shaped structure that sits on top of or underneath smartphones an


Feminazi: It's never OK to call anyone a Nazi - even us feminists

The term 'feminazi' - a poisonous portmanteau of the words 'feminism' and 'Nazi' - has left the dark web and gone mainstream. How has this happened, asks Claire Cohen

FINE COLLECTION OF CURIOUS SOUND OBJECTS by Georg Reil. The arrangement includes six exceptional exhibits from the world of sounds and acoustics. At first sight looking trivial, each object incorporates a very unique ability.


We are always asked about how writers submit their work to publishers and agents. We found this great post on the Scottish Book Trust website, and they have kindly allowed us to share their advice...