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Devi's Bridal Mehndi Kit

Traditional Henna Kit Henna has served as a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality. The plant has been associated with positive vibes and provides a link to an ancient age full of good and bad spirits. High Quality, Fresh, All Natural Henna Kit contains: Mixing Sticks, Sugar to keep the henna paste moist, 10 Alcohol Swabs to clean and prepare the skin for henna application, Assortment of Cotton Balls, Cotton Swabs and Toothpicks to aide in the application, touch ups,and sealing of henna…

Kayla Itsines Full Body, Fat Burn & Toning Workout

The 28 minute full body, fat burning exercise - created exclusively for Women's Health


Blueberry Wine: A Complete Guide. Everything about the positives (and negatives), nutrients, and polyphenols. How does it compare to red? via @nutradvance


The Magic Greeting Every Kid Should Learn Before Visiting Family

Before you visit extended family for Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays or summer vacation, teach your child this 3-part greeting. This parenting tip works great for kids who shy away from hugging in that situation! Includes a free printable coloring page for kids.


Be careful not to over self medicate, and it's not always drugs or alcohol...ANYTHING can be addicting, if it eases the pain. Realize this and plan ahead by choosing some healthy walking, exercise, become a health nut, read, write, do something positive...anything positive, and make it a ritual! That's one way to beat it !


A Holistic Approach to Health in Early Recovery: Diet and Nutrition

If you have issues with anxiety, depression, or impulsivity here are ten good reasons why avoiding alcohol may be a good idea.


A healthy lifestyle is an essential companion to any stress-reduction program. General health and stress resistance can be enhanced by regular exercise, a diet rich in a variety of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits, and by avoiding excessive alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco.