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Post-Holiday Blues Are the Real Deal. Here's How to Recover

It may be light out a little bit later now, but we're still in the last leg of winter (thanks for nothing, Punxsutawney Phil). The frozen season often comes with a series of mood changes -- but how do we know if what we're feeling is just the blues o...


Post-holiday blues hitting you? it may be a sign that something needs fixing in your life. Here's some tips for you:


Tackling the Post-Holiday Back-to-School Blues

Tackling the Post-Holiday Back-to-School Blues. For many students the winter break is a time for rest, relaxation, and rewards. Some of our students will return to school slowly, dragging their heels. So, how can we get our students back on track and motivated that first day? Here are a few activities I have planned for my students to help them get excited about their return to school.


MIY Holiday Decorations: Thrifty Candle Pillars-Painting the town….BLUE! (GUEST POST) | Mommy Hobbies


Susie's Christmas Cottage: Building a Better Christmas - Dealing With Post Holiday Blues

Funfetti Shortbread Bites

Christmas Shortbread Bites - these are the most pop-able fun to eat cookies out there! They were actually really easy to make and they taste AMAZING! A perfect Christmas treat, but you could also use a rainbow sprinkle blend for birthdays.


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