like the indoor/outdoor feel here. How you can see the plants up close. Cement wall with wooden floor is nice too.

Built by Terry & Terry Architecture in Menlo Park, United States with date Images by Bruce Damonte. This project was designed for a retiring couple, and necessitated the need for accessible space. The project ties the.

Indian Architecture.Ettore returns to architecture at Sottsass Associati where he also completes numerous industrial design projects.

Indian Architecture & Ettore Sottsass

urbandesigirl: “ darksilenceinsuburbia: “ Indian Houses inspired by Ettore Sottsass. Tirunamavalai, Tamil Nadu Photography by Vincent Leroux ” Indian Houses inspired by Ettore Sottsass ”

Geometric | proportion | residential | architecture | floating | stairs | entrance | bnw | AS Arquitectura

Ultra modern architectural designs, white painted futuristic house, shadows create form and tone, also a grey outer section of house on the side

What is space medicine?

What is space medicine

Architect Prineas add a sophisticated addition to the 'Allen Key House', a Californian bungalow in Sydney, with minimal style and elegant design.

Freshwater House in Australia Features Vivid Detailing

Freshwater House 1 - Decoist

Residential Architecture: Freshwater House by Chenchow Little: “.The Freshwater House developed the idea of the operable façade to mediate between the requirements for privacy and shading on a relatively public site adjacent to the beach.

(no se va a caer? Una estructura muy ligera

I totally LOVE this, but have no idea who/what/where the architect/project is. can anybody help? Update: Architect Alex Athanasiadas 2015 Project (big shout out to for the info)

Our little home is a constant work in progress, as I slowly turn it into our beautiful retreat. I always think of the kitchen (our last rema...

Image 7 of 18 from gallery of Sandringham House / Techne Architecture+Interior Design + Doherty Design Studio. Photograph by Derek Swalwell

I mostly wrote this post last week but I've had so many new collection releases to share I couldn't quite squeeze it in. I'm happy to finall...

I mostly wrote this post last week but I& had so many new collection releases to share I couldn& quite squeeze it in. I& happy to finall.

[CasaGiardino] (scheduled via

Above garage office windows! These black full height windows paired with the stone exterior are just magnificent.

♀ Modern architecture design Reggio Emilia Station | Santiago Calatrava:

my primary concern is architecture then fashion, then design but Calatrava is a genius Reggio Emilia Station - Santiago Calatrava