PEL317: 'Sydney Harbour - Australia' by Charles Avalon - Vintage travel posters - Art Deco - Pullman Editions

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Sydney, Splendid City - Vintage Travel Poster by James Northfield

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A compilation of 100 Vintage Travel Posters that will make you want to travel around the world. Includes where to buy these vintage travel posters and more.

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The ocean is terrifying, but I guess I'd take my chances with a snorkel for this.

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Vintage Travel Poster - Australia - That doesn't look very Aussie to me. He should be in shorts and thongs drinking a beer in a stubby and the cars don't look like Holdens to me!

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Eileen Mayo: Australia/The Great Barrier Reef Circa 1956. 39 ½” x 24” You have to love this classic, gorgeously rendered depiction of the Great Barrier Reef; that’s a Longspined Butterfly-fish in case you were wondering.

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"Keeps the farms going while the men are fighting" - Join the Women's Land Army. A healthy open-air life. -- WWII propaganda poster (Australia, UK), c. 1939-1945.

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This awesome vintage travel poster is printed on super high quality glossy photo paper. It's roughly A2 sized and can be laminated if that's your thing, otherwise it would suit framing or whatever.

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