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Paleo Ham & Sweet Potato Soup

Soul-warming soup made with pre-cooked ham and nutrient-dense veggies. Layers of wonderful flavors including a touch of maple and mustard. An easy, must-try recipe! #paleo #glutenfree #soup

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Purple sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Make some turnovers with this beautiful superfood today!

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This Sweet Potato Butter recipe is super easy and so nutritious! This is delicious spread on toast or even fruit. Why not spread some veggies on your toast?!

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Sweet Potato, Pomegranate & Crispy Quinoa Salad

Sweet Potato, Pomegranate & Crispy Quinoa Salad-This superfoods salad is so delicious and packed with nutrients! An excellent way to stay on track with your health goals! @TruviaBrand #ad #SweetNewYear

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One-Pot Lentils + Quinoa with Spinach

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Sweet potatoes and yams are often used interchangeably in recipes, but most don't realize there are significant nutritional differences between the two. While both are good for you, sweet potatoes contain higher doses nutrients.

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Sweet potatoes are a nutrient dense food that does wonders for your health and keeps you full with loads of benefits. To optimize nutrition and antioxidants, boil them and eat the skin.

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A Chart to Vitamin Rich Foods

Many people have trouble getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals due to the types of foods they eat on a daily basis. Consuming foods high in fat, salt and sugar makes it harder for our body to get the nutrients it needs.

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