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New to kilns? Here are my kiln tips for newbies, based on my first week of owning a Skutt kiln! It's much easier than you think!


I definitely want to build a wood-fired pottery kiln on our homestead. I love…


Own and learn to operate a kiln

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Homemade Pottery Kiln Plans

Homemade Pottery Kiln Plans .....uh, why haven't I heard of this before? I have an old wood stove!


Make a Quick and Simple Pottery Wheel

VIP! Cone temperature chart in Celsius and Fahrenheit and the corresponding activity in the kiln.

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Use a Charcoal Grill as a Pit Fire Pottery Kiln

For the ceramicist without access to an enormous kiln, you can actually throw your pottery on a grill for a DIY alternative. Check out this guide for the how-to. Via: Ceramic Arts Daily


Amazing videos on how to use a Kiln Using an Electric Pottery Kiln : Electric Pottery Kiln Glaze Firing


How to pit fire pottery. A pit fire is the oldest known method of firing your pottery. It works as a kiln using a hole in the ground as insulation and fuel.

An Introduction to Electric Kilns