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"Power, Corruption & Lies" by New Order. (1983) Listen:!/album/Power+Corruption+and+Lies+Collector+s+Edition/3608553

from Joe Blogs

Peter Saville & New Order’s Colour Code

Peter Saville's visual alphabet for New Order's 'Power, Corruption and Lies' album (1983). I'm appropriating it for my own website - hopefully!


Trump voters . . . please explain how this makes America safer? Explain how it makes it less corrupt. Explain how Trump putting more money in his pocket (and dodges taxes on it) helps you and other American taxpayers.


Asshole Commie libtards always stick together.. as long as THEY have the power & wealth!

Relax, it's a perfectly normal thing for a leader to give governmental power to his adult sons. Saddam Hussein and his sons Uday and Qusay Hussein

from CNN

Millennials did not elect Trump -

The simple truth is if more people voted, Trump wouldn't be president. Millennials who clearly saw the danger of Trump could of easily stopped his election if only more of them had showed up to the polls. But that is true for every other group as well but especially true for millennials, the large majority of them rightfully against Trump.

from Daily Intelligencer

Republicans Might Be Serious About Going After Medicare

There’s no secret about what specifically Ryan has in mind. He intends to replace traditional Medicare. Seniors would get a federal voucher to help them pay premiums charged by commercial insurance plans. But since the value of the vouchers would rise at less than the rate of healthcare inflation, and the costs of private insurance typically rise faster than those of Medicare, an ever-larger share of healthcare costs would land on seniors’ shoulders......LA TIMES