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Power Rangers In Order

A Conversation with Karan Ashley about The Order -

A Conversation with Karan Ashley about The Order

It's morphing time! Jamberry gives you perfect nails without layers of paint, drying time, and the inevitable disappointment & frustration that your Pin never looks like you want it to. Contact me at to order Power Ranger-inspired wraps created in the Nail Art Studio!


Power Rangers (2017). Not sure I'm interested in the movie, but this poster design is neat - especially with the faint stars forming their emblem.


Kimberly Ann Hart is the Pink Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger and the first Pink Ninja Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The veteran Ranger was targeted for elimination when Katherine, under Rita's spell, stole her power coin. After the traumatic events she faced This, and Zordon's declaration that her recruitment as a Ranger is over, prompts Kimberly to leave in order to train full-time for the Pan Global Games in Florida. She selects Katherine as her replacement.


Power Rangers Costume Juniors Tees