magikarp is both the weakest and the most powerful pokemon you can ever catch. so long as you know how to use him correctly

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The Most Powerful Pokémon Doesn't Look Like You'd Expect it to - - #Banned, #Bidoof, #Pokemon

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the best Trainers base their gaming on this, because Pokemon are just animals with special powers, and if they DID exist, we would treat them just like we treat our new puppy or kitty, or old parrot that only has a while left, or the hamster that lives on top of your dresser.

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Pok?mon: Giratina and The Sky Warrior (2008) - Armed with a nefarious plan to gain control of Giratina and copy its abilities, the evil Zero plots to capture Shaymin and force the powerful Pokemon to take him to the mysterious Reverse World in this exciting anime feature.

Do Not Mess With Arceus -

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