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How to get started with a yoga practice at home.
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How to Create a Yoga Sequence

So you've been practicing yoga for a while. You're familiar with most yoga poses and want to build a home yoga practice, but you have no idea where to start. How do you create a yoga sequence from scratch? Here are simple tips to help you build a yoga sequence.

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All About Mudras, Malas, Mantras and Chakras

Learn how to cleanse each chakra with a specific mudra, mantra and mala for your meditation and yoga practice. Malas and mala beads for chakra healing

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6 #yoga types explained. Which should you practice and what should you wear to be most comfortable? #yogi #bikram

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Bestsme Diet on

Yoga was something that was way out of my comfort zone and starting with a home practice felt safe. A way to step outside of my comfort zone and simply try.

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Yoga and Alternative Medicine

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Commit to 30 Days of Yoga With This Day by Day Guide

Have you always wanted to do yoga but didn't know how to start? Just follow this 30-day plan to jump start your yoga practice.

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10 Perfect Songs For Your Yoga Playlist

Building a yoga playlist is no joke. You can’t just throw random songs together and expect the class - or your personal yoga practice - to flow well. It takes i

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