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This song got me through a lot of rough times, through illness and loss. Thank God for giving CC talent and the hearts they have. Thank you for your grace and strength. -Britt :)


worship is a great way to set your heart and mind in the right place. You can't worry and worship at the same time!


Worshipping now, worship unlocks blessing. Praise your way out and into an outpouring of his love. The answer to depression or unhappiness, God is always the answer. - Steven Valentine


`As Christians, we just don’t wait for His coming, we live life while obeying His commandments, loving others as we love ourselves. We live out our purpose, the reason we were made, to give to the needy, to serve and to share! We worship, we glorify Him, we give Him thanks for He is forever worthy to be praised! We just don’t wait, we move, we act — WE DO HIS WILL. -MauB