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32 Hilarious Prank Gifs

If you don't have anything nice to say, just prank the SHIT out of ... View "These 15 Pranks Are Totally Mean, And Totally Worth It" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

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Old Spice Is Back With Another Set Of Viral Things — This Time, It’s Prank Websites

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Top Online Pranks and Prank Websites

"I Believe in Pranks" [clickthrough] for a variety of online pranks you can pull on your friends. XD

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Funniest Memes of Biden and Obama Pranking Trump

Funniest Memes of Biden and Obama Pranking Trump: The Imperial March

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This is the best text message ive ever seen                              …
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Old Spice Guy Wins Internet With Prank Websites

Just ahead of the year's biggest compendium of TV commercials, Old Spice launched a sort of guerilla marketing campaign online.

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Guys buying tampons for girls

Run HackerTyper Prank Website Without Internet Offline

Corny But Funny Two Line Puns

Corny But Funny Two Line Puns

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