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A Free, Simple Template for How to Pray in Spanish

Learning to Pray in Spanish. Here's a way to put foreign language practice into a practical part of your child's day! | Line upon Line Learning blog


I am not a Spanish speaker, nor can I read in Spanish. But my grandmother was. Amazingly, I can read this prayer & hear her say this prayer in my mind. She passed away 10 years ago.


This last year as we began homeschooling in our family, we were able to focus on teaching our kids Spanish. My husband served a mission in Paraguay, and uses his Spanish every day at work and home with our kids. I am nowhere close to being able to communicate with others, but I can understand quite a bit. One thing that we have incorporated into our daily lives, is teaching our kids to pray in Spanish! A couple months ago, my husband challenged my boys to start praying in Spanish. He would…

Blessed Martin Martinez Pascual, priest executed during the Spanish Civil War at the age of 25. When he was asked if he would like to face away from the rifles during his execution, he said no, all he wanted to do was bless those who killed him and pray that God would not hold his death against them. Then he shouted VIVA CRISTO REY! Right before being shot, he smiled for the photographer, who took this last picture of him. In his eyes, one sees the courage and joy of a faithful priest.


Always praying to have the strength to be the best wife possible and praying for my husband in good times and bad. We are truly blessed!


The Lord's Prayer - Spanish Embroidery Design


A Free, Simple Template for How to Pray in Spanish

Learning to pray in Spanish has been a fun way to keep Spanish vocabulary in our daily routines.