Spot ON, it's TEA TIME! For all of you tea lovers... Tea does sooth the soul, like nothing else. Enjoy!  #LostBumblebee ©2014 TEA TIME FREE PRINTABLE

Spot ON, it's TEA TIME! For all of you tea lovers. Tea does sooth the soul…

Big Ben, London Photography - Modern Fine Art Print

Big Ben, London Photography - Modern Fine Art Print

There was a terrorist attack in london in which a british born man mowed over people with a car and stabbed a police officer to death

England, UK — Big Ben, London

On to England! Big Ben - is the nickname of the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminister in London, England. Iconic and what England is most known for, so the Big Ben is a must see.

Serenity prayer - Minion style                              …                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Serenity prayer - Minion style Oh, and LORD?for give me for being stupid.

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Many years ago, I lived in London with a bunch of friends, working in campus ministry. One of my friends spent a couple hours with Dr. John Stott, an internationally-known pastor with a church that also ministered to university students Dr. Stott and my friend discussed prayer. Dr. Stott confessed that his best prayer time […]

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Sending up prayers for everyone affected in London and their families. Pray for our world because we certainly need it. Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

Westminster Bridge and Big Ben, London, UK. I went to London it was amazing, there was so much to do and to see.