Oct. 7 Our Lady of the Rosary  “If you do not know how to pray, ask Jesus to teach you, and ask your heavenly Mother to pray with you and for you… The prayer of the Rosary can help you to learn the art of prayer with the simplicity and depth of Mary.”  -Pope Benedict XVI

The Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary What is a Rosary? What is the meaning of the rosary beads? The meaning of the Rosary is .

Good Deed Beads - St. Therese, the Little Flower used a string of beads to count her sacrifices and acts of love done for God, in that way she was able to advance in perfection daily.

How to Make Sacrifice Beads « Little Ways Sacrifice Beads - I did this as a Little Flowers' craft several years ago. The girls all enjoyed the craft and many of them enjoyed using the sacrifice beads.

Teach the Prayers of the Rosary and How to pray the Rosary with St. Anne's Helper's Free Rosary Diagram.

6+ Rosary Diagrams and Rosary Cards to Print

This chart has the Catholic Rosary prayers and a diagram of which bead on which to pray which prayer. Great for Catholic converts and teaching Catholic children's prayers. They also have a color-in quiz one

The Apostle's Creed Infographic: The history of the creed that we say as the first prayer of the rosary and prayed at Holy Mass.  Our fundamental beliefs.:

The Apostle's Creed Infographic: The history of the creed that we say as the first prayer of the rosary, and also sometimes prayed at mass instead of the Nicene Creed.

Meaning of the Rosary - #Beading #Jewelry #Tutorial

Overview of the ritual beads used for worthless repetition of unheard prayers in Hail Marys.

FREE Playdough Mats to Teach Kids How to Pray the Rosary!  Keep little hands busy while they learn about and practice prayers of the rosary.  2 levels-intro & advanced.  Great for CCD, Religious Educaiton at home!  Also use crayons, markers, stickers, or paint!

Teach The Rosary With These FREE Playdough Mats

Teach the Rosary to kids with these HANDS-ON Playdough Mats! 2 mats + DIY Playdough recipe that makes a batch large enough for a whole class! Use with playdough, stickers, coloring, + more!