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Precision (PPV) and recall (sensitivity). 100% sensitivity means no false negatives. 100% specificity means no false positives.

Precision and recall - Relevancia de los resultados de la búsquedas.

Confusion Matrix from Wikipedia (Notes: 1. In multi-class classification, the matrix would be n by n instead of 2 by 2; 2. F measure uses both precision and recall)

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Information Retrieval ...  Often a combination of precision and recall, the so-called F-score (harmonic mean...

Five Finger Communication A mnemonic tool for recalling the essential elements of a good sending message. Each finger represents a particular part of a message. Using this tool a message can be sent with percision and boundaries.

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Oslo Silver 2.0 Twin Stopwatch and Countdown Timer. Event, lap, or split timing; 1/100 second precision to 10 hours. Two finish-time memory recall; unlimited time readings. Countdown timer with time remaining and an audible alarm at completion. Water resistant; one-year warranty.

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