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Poultry Predator Identification: A Guide to Tracks and Sign -

Here’s a guide to poultry predator identification that covers tracks, scat, feeding sign, and other behavior, to help you identify threats to your chickens and other livestock. This is largely based on my own experience tracking and camera trapping, and designed to educate and inspire responsible livestock protection that will allow coexistence with predators.

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When to Hunt Coyotes

Find the right time of year, time of day to hunt coyotes. Summer, fall, winter, and spring time calling tips.

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Learn to hunt Coyotes like the pros with 101 coyote hunting tips from a professional hunter. Coyote hunting is one of my favorite pastimes, and I've learned a lot from this great resource! learning how to hunt coyotes can be a challenge, but this made it much easier. Now to get out and try this stuff out! Best Hunting!

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How to Find Coyotes, Locating, Tracking, and Coyote Scouting

Learn what you need to do in order to find coyotes, scouting, locating, and much more. Coyote hunting tips and calling tips.

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Coyote Hunting Tips and Strategies

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Hunting Tips: How to Hunt Bobcats

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Coyote Calling Tips: The 4 Types of Calls You Need to Know -by Rich Higgins / Posted on January 26, 2014

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If you fail to use terrain to your advantage, be prepared for defeat. This topic has been coming up a lot recently when predator hunting. #coyote #hunting

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