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Dougal Dixon - After Man (A Zoology of the Future); the prediction is that if mankind disappears all of a sudden, evolution will have it that rats will take the niche of the predators, coneys that of the prey because there is not enough of the traditional lifestock (boars, bears, deers, etc.) left.

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Madagascar Tomato Frog (Dyscophus antongilii) by Franco Andreone: 'It is thought that the brilliant colours of the tomato frog act as a warning to potential predators that these frogs are toxic; a white substance secreted from the skin acts as a glue to deter predators (such as colubrid snakes) and can produce an allergic reaction in humans.' #Frog #Tomato_Frog #Madagascar

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The most endangered Asiatic top predator, the dhole is on the edge of extinction. Conservation status: Endangered

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To Protect Itself this Moth (Hornet Moth (Sesia apiformis) ) Looks Exactly Like a Hornet

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Herrerasaurus Ischigualastensis - by paleoartist Vlad Konstantinov | related:

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The Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas), see the pictures below, is a large moth found in the tropical and subtropical forests of southeast Asia (area between southern China, India, Malay archipelago and Indonesia). A moth is closely related to the butterfly. The Atlas Moth is also known as the Snake-Head Moth because the tips of its wings are shaped and marked to imitate a real snake's head, complete with eye, to scare off predators.

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