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30 Beautiful Modern Prefab Homes

Check Out 30 Beautiful Modern Prefab Homes. Modular prefab homes are also built in a factory on an assembly line. They are built in complete functioning sections.

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Sleep like you’re in the Shire with these pre-made Hobbit homes

The bigger homes cost around $34.74/sq.ft (one of the smallest runs ~$15k, but a 4-bed 4-bath home is ~$66.6k).

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With a sleek prototype in Emeryville, California, under its belt, Simpatico Homes sets out to redefine prefab's cost—and footprint. Photo by: Jake Stangel

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New prefab company that has costs down to $165/ft. They design so it can be shipped on a truck. They achieve Zero Energy status

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Method launches impressive new line of affordable prefab homes

Method Homes unveils their affordable modular Elemental Series | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

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5 of the coolest prefab houses you can order right now

From early-20th-century Sears Catalog Homes to the housing experiments by French modernist Jean Prouvé, prefab construction—that is, assembling a structure from components produced off-site—has had a rich, long history....

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Why Tiny Houses are Awesome

#tumbleweed #tinyhouses #tinyhome #tinyhouseplans While not completely off grid, the tiny house offers a fantastic alternative to affordable living, one which benefits not only the home owner but the planet as well. Less resources are needed to build and maintain these houses, and utilities are extremely affordable compared to the current average costs. Meg Stephens from

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PREFAB FRIDAY: Recycled Shipping Container Harbinger House

Recycled shipping containers are becoming more and more popular as a viable sustainable building material, and this year’s West Coast Green show house highlights this growing trend. The showroom highlight of this year’s event is Lawrence Group’s SG Blocks Container House, fashion out of five shipping containers and a plethora of other eco-friendly building materials. As a prefab, the home is affordable, cute, and easy to assemble — this one was erected in just 5 hours!

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