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Pregnancy Calculator By Lmp

Calculating the due date. Use the black row for the first day of your last period and the blue row is the due date!

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How to calculate due date of Pregnancy

Definition of Pregnancy (How to Calculate Age Pregnancy) Before discussing more about how to calculate gestational age, we should learn first what ‘s Pregnancy. Pregnancy is the length of time a pregnancy is calculated after the first day of the last menstrual period ( LMP ) and is usually expressed in weeks and days. Gestational age is also known as gestational age ( gestational age ). Gestational age is the age of the fetus is Read More

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Pregnancy Wheel | Calculating Due Date with an OB Wheel. Useful tool.

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Pregnancy Length Months Weeks Days Trimesters Convertor Calculator convert Weeks into Months - Baby2see

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Because I am lame and can't figure out how many "months" along I am- just weeks sometimes is a little much for people

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Naegele’s Rule - The rule estimates the expected date of delivery [EDD]. 1st- Calculate the date of your LAST MENSTRUAL PERIOD. The 1st day of your last period. This is very important, so remember CAREFULLY! Let’s use today’s date as our example. LMP: Month 08/ Day 03/ Year 2011 2nd- Subtract 3 months / add 7 days / add 1 year [and yes, you may use your fingers to count, if you’d like.] Answer: Month 08 - 03 = 05 Day 03 + 07 = 10 Year 2011 + 01 = 2012 Due Date: 05/10/20

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