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When Pregnancy is not the Happiest Time of Your Life

Pregnancy is a happy time, except when it's not. Here's some encouragement for you moms dealing with depression during pregnancy | Momming is Hard

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For those of you who are expecting a baby got pregnancy blues? Feeling overwhelmed anxious? For those who just gave birth are you feeling low down? You are not alone. Being a mother is the greatest and most beautiful gift and yet the hardest thing that women endure. Pre and post partum anxiety and depression is very real. A friend shared this with me and it resonates with me as I transition from one challenge to the next going back to work after the maternity leave. So be strong rise above…

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People's support is the best thing I could ask for dealing with postpartum. It will definitely make you realize who is there for you. I'm just happy I never got to the point where I felt as though I couldn't care for my baby girl.

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7 Measures To Tackle And Prevent Depression During Pregnancy

7 Ways To Tackle & Prevent Depression During Pregnancy

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Yoga Poses for Pregnancy

Mama FoodE - 5 Pre-Natal Yoga Poses and 5 Pregnancy Protein Smoothies

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For those of you that are IGNORANT to the dark side of pregnancy (which DOES exist), try googling "Antenatal depression" and EDUCATE yourself before you add IRRELEVANT opinions to my life, my feelings, and my situation. Thank you.

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Depression During Pregnancy

I didnt know it could happen during but it definitly feels and sounds like i do... - Depression During Pregnancy: Signs, Symptoms, and what you can do.

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