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Pregnancy month calculator

Approx birth month. First month is the month they're conceived and the one beside it is the approximate month of birth, if they're born full term. Handy guide if you want to try to have a baby in a specific month.

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What month will my baby be born? Due date graphic + calculator

Join Motherly to get your personalized, week-by-week guide to getting pregnant. Will your little one be born on the 4th of July—or arrive just in time to be your tiny little Valentine? Here's a simple birthdate calculator to give you an idea of when baby will be born based on the time of conception.

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Find out how many months into your pregnancy you are with the Weeks into Months Pregnancy Calculator which converts your weeks of pregnancy into Months.

The due date realist

Try Our Pregnancy Due Date Calculator. Find out your due date with our pregnancy calculator that when you are pregnant. So Looking for a baby due date calculator?

How Many Months Pregnant Am I?

Worried about how to calculate the months of #pregnancy when everyone else is talking weeks? Here's the breakdown made simple.

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