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Premier Designs Opening Night Necklace

Premier Design Opening Night necklace. Classic and so many ways to wear it means more bang for your buck! Buy yours today ad see how easy bringing your wardrobe from blah to fab can be using Premier Designs Jewelry can be! Message Leslie Trotter at Codeword: LJ Pinterest on how to get your very own FREE JEWELRY!


Roasted Potatoes With Sage and Garlic

Of solid character and haunting flavor, sage does better with robust, earthy peasant fare rather than with more refined cuisine. It pairs perfectly here with potatoes and stands up well to garlic. Enjoy with your favorite roasted or grilled meat. (Photo: Craig Lee for NYT)


First and last premiers, side by side. Rons/Ruperts outfit in the first premier. It's like; I'm gonna wear a jumper and jeans to a movie premier that I'm starting in.


When Mary is honored, her Son is duly acknowledged, loved and glorified, and His commandments are observed. To venerate Mary correctly means to acknowledge her Son, for she is the Mother of God. To love her means to love Jesus, for she is always the Mother of Jesus. To pray to our Lady means not to substitute her for Christ, but to glorify her Son who desires us to have loving confidence in His Saints, especially in His Mother. To imitate the faithful Virgin means to keep her Son's…


Chris Pine Photos Photos: This Means War - UK Premiere - Inside Arrivals

Chris Pine Photos Photos - (UK TABLOID NEWSPAPERS OUT) L-R Tom Hardy, Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine attend the UK premiere of 'This Means War' at ODEON Kensington on January 30, 2012 in London, England. - This Means War - UK Premiere - Inside Arrivals


Butterflying. 1. You need a long necklace & a pin. (This is "Opening Night" (90" pearls) endless necklace* & "Royalty" pin/magnetic enhancer from Premier Designs) 2. Double the necklace if needed. 3. You don't need to twist, but I am here. 4. Slip one end of the necklace on the pin. 5. Once around your neck, slip the other end of the necklace on the pin. Fasten the pin. Add additional pins for a gorgeous eclectic look! *Do you know what an "endless necklace" means? Answer: No clasp. :)


How to Get a Smooth Look With Prismacolor Colored Pencils

Prismacolor Premier colored pencils are "soft," which means they lay down saturated color easily. This is a medium that is easy to control and fun to use. The trick to getting a smooth look with Prismacolor colored pencils is to practice and relax. Practice builds confidence and skill. Relaxation eases tension and helps an artist to move more...