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Prepositional Phrases Hands-On Activity

Hands-On Prepositional Phrases. Lesson, warm-up, activity, and endless extension uses for these unique pieces.


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Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases PowerPoint

This product is currently 50% off because it was recently posted. It will return to its normal price of $3.75 on February 4 at 8:30pm CST.Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases PowerPoint: Take a look at this 51-slide Prepositions PowerPoint! It is designed to keep your students engaged and attentive!

Identifying Subjects & Verbs; Easy Mastery Using Prepositions & Prep. Phrases

SUBJECT and VERB IDENTIFICATION: Easy Mastery~ Students eliminate prepositional phrases to easily identify the subject and verb. Includes printables, step-by-step introduction and practice, and suggestions for quick assessment. #verb #preposition $