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40+ Activities for Preschool at Home

40+ activities to teach preschool at home-these activities are simple to set up and prepared my oldest for kindergarten completely. No need to spend a lot of money on homeschool curriculum for preschool at home.

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Great ideas w/ the tri-fold board. Good links fof learning printables/songs. Even love the drop-leaf tbl. shoeper-mom: Preschool At Home

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10 Tips for the New Home Preschool Mom

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Preschool Daily Schedules

Many families are choosing to have their preschooler at home for play and learning. I am often asked, what does your preschool at home daily schedule look like. Because it looks different for each family, I have asked some friends to share their general schedule with you as well.

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Three-Year Old Homeschool Preschool

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FREE Preschool with Netflix Printable

Do you have preschoolers at home? Raising Lifelong Learners has a FREE clickable pdf download full of fabulous preschool educational shows on Netflix, the s

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